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71% CO 29% CA

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100% cotton embroidery

100% cotton stitching

Plastic free

The antibacterial properties of hemp allow jeans to always be fresh and clean, thus helping you to reduce washing and the consequent waste of water .

Thanks to its hollow fiber, hemp remains cool in summer and warm in winter and guarantees your body a constant state of well-being. It also absorbs infrared rays and UVA up to 95%.

Product care

The care of the product is very important for us, because this determines its duration.

Here are our tips on how to wash our products:

  • Wash inside out at 40°
  • Do not bleach
  • No tumblers
  • Reverse drying
  • Iron at max 110°
  • Do not dry clean

Shipping & Returns

Shipping and free returns throughout the Italian territory

Gimmi Jeans' handcrafted dungarees, made of hemp and cotton denim, have a higher cost for several fundamental reasons:

  1. High Quality Materials : The hemp used is among the best in Europe, selected for its resistance and durability. The cotton adds comfort to the fabric and together they create a denim that is antibacterial, dirt resistant and easy to clean. These natural materials are more expensive than petroleum-based synthetic fabrics.

  2. Italian craftsmanship : Each dungaree is handcrafted in Italy. This process requires specialized skills and detailed workmanship which increases the cost compared to industrial mass production.

  3. Functional Properties : Hemp and cotton denim offers intrinsic properties such as breathability and water repellency, maintaining a comfortable body temperature in all seasons. These additional functional characteristics derive directly from the natural qualities of the materials, which are more difficult to replicate with synthetic fabrics.

  4. Sustainable Production Philosophy : Gimmi Jeans is committed to producing fashion in a sustainable way, avoiding the use of synthetic materials harmful to the environment and practicing production techniques that reduce environmental impact. This commitment adds operational costs, but is reflected in the company's values ​​and high product quality.

In conclusion, the higher price of Gimmi Jeans' handcrafted dungarees is justified by the combination of high-quality materials, artisanal production in Italy, advanced functional properties and commitment to environmental and social sustainability.

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Our Laboratory

Craftsmanship, traceability and transparency.

It all starts here, a small laboratory in Vicenza.

Discover our Laboratory
  • Sustainable Packaging

    Together with the Product, you will receive an antibacterial linen bag as a gift which can be reused for the collection of dirty clothes.

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