How we make our Products

Gimmi wants to be honest and crystal clear on how he produces his clothing, so in this section it is possible to examine each step necessary to make our creations.


It all starts here, where we unroll our hemp and cotton denim and then spread it on the cutting table.

After that, thanks to innovative instruments we are able to cut out the pieces necessary to make a jacket, jeans or anything else using an automatic blade that follows the path we have prepared.



The small artisan workshop assembles the parts of the trousers using sewing machines or by hand to create the raw trousers, and then adds the final details such as pockets, buttons and labels. At this point, we check the quality of the trousers and make sure that they meet the quality standards we require.



Each of our products must then be washed in order to remove the "size" or natural resin that is used in the denim weaving phase.

To carry out this step, we turn to expert laundries in the sector and strictly certified in the sustainable terms of the process.

Each product is washed with enzymes (particular micro-granisms that eat indigo) or with Ozone O2 which degrades the indigo and makes it lighter (blue).

Both of these procedures have no impact on the environment and are carried out using the least amount of water possible.



Finally we come to the Ironing phase, where we make sure that each garment respects the quality of Made in Italy, cleaning up any threads and ironing any inaccuracies. We then tie the descriptive tags of the model to the passers-by and the garment is finally ready for delivery.