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Composition: 100% hemp
Color: Mud green, anthracite grey, natural fibre
Weight: 650g

Product care

Wash in cold water, do not bleach, iron at low temperatures, do not spin - dry on a flat surface

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The hemp shirt you describe costs more than other garments for several key reasons:

  1. Italian Craftsmanship : Being made entirely in Italy with artisanal techniques, each stage of production requires detailed and manual processing, which increases costs compared to mass industrial production.

  2. Quality of Hemp : Hemp is a high quality fiber from both a practical and ecological point of view. It is immune to rips and tears, ensuring much greater product longevity than other natural or synthetic fibres.

  3. Ecological Properties : Hemp requires less water and does not require pesticides to grow, which helps reduce the overall environmental impact of the production process. This makes the final product more sustainable, but also more expensive to produce than fabrics that require intensive chemical processes or use synthetic materials derived from petroleum.

  4. Functional Properties of the Jersey : The hemp jersey offers breathability and thermal insulation, keeping the body cool in summer and warm in winter. These additional functional characteristics derive directly from the intrinsic properties of hemp as a textile fibre.

  5. Company Values ​​and Philosophy : Gimmi Jeans is committed to producing fashion in a sustainable way, avoiding the use of petroleum-derived materials and practicing washing techniques that minimize water consumption. This philosophy implies additional costs to maintain high ethical and environmental standards.

In summary, the Gimmi Jeans hemp shirt represents not only an item of clothing, but also an investment in more sustainable and responsible fashion, reflecting the values ​​of Italian craftsmanship and environmental protection.

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It all starts here, a small laboratory in Vicenza.

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  • Sustainable Packaging

    Together with the Product, you will receive an antibacterial linen bag as a gift which can be reused for the collection of dirty clothes.